Ever since I got my hands on my first computer (my dad's black and orange screened, suitcased-sized work laptop in the late '80s), I've been creating things with code. From making "Choose your own adventure" games using Goto: statements in qBasic to building virtual reality worlds using Unity3D, I've always had a passion for programming. After gaining valuable experiences in education, content marketing and non-profits, I've built up my skills as a Full Stack Web Developer, pursuing a career I've always wanted to explore. I love learning new programming languages, frameworks, and ways to solve problems, to make cool things through coding.

When I'm not building web apps on my laptop, I might be prototyping a new video game, hiking, brewing gluten-free beer, or traveling with my wife and son.


  • Frontend: JavaScript, React, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3
  • Backend: Node, MongoDB, Mongoose, NPM, Implementing REST APIs
  • Testing/Deployment: Continuous Integration with Travis CI and Heroku, Testing with Mocha/Chai, Enzyme/Jest
  • Related: Git, GitHub, Unity3D, C#, Extensive written & verbal communication experience, Willingness to learn new things!


picture of the symptom hacker app

Symptom Hacker

Symptom Hacker is a Full Stack React/Redux app with a Node backend that helps users figure out what foods are causing their health problems. Users log food and symptoms into the app, then the app generates an interactive dashboard displaying food and symptom correlations. Users can select different date ranges to examine, choose different symptoms to review, and watch as the interactive UI updates on the fly.

Technology Used: React, Redux, Chart.js Moment.js Node Express MongoDB Mocha/Chai Enzyme

Live Demo Git Repo

picture of the Travel Bucket app

Travel Bucket

It's a big world out there. What avid globetrotter doesn't have a bucket list of places to go? Travel Bucket is a bucket list app for travel enthusiasts that allows travelers to search for new places to visit, list and plan trips, as well as check off and review places they visit on their bucket list.

Technology Used: Node, Express, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Mocha/Chai

Live Demo Git Repo

picture of the Brew Hikers app

Brew Hikers

Brew Hikers is a beer enthusiast's hiking trip planner. Users can enter a place they'd like to explore, find a hike nearby and then choose from an assortment of breweries in the surrounding area. All of these locations are then provided neatly all in one place on the trip plan page, complete with a list of locations, a marked Google Map, and driving directions to make the road trip easier.

Technology Used: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Google Maps API w/ Places Library, The Hiking Project API

Live Demo Git Repo